Vuong Van Tung
Sales manager  | T.H.I.Group Vietnam Co.,ltd
Hải Phòng  | Việt Nam

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  Total Years Experience   9
  Highest Qualification   Cử nhân
  University/ Organization   Haiphong Private University
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Tóm tắt kỹ năng và thành tích tại T.H.I.Group Vietnam Co.,ltd
Từ 08/2009 - 06/2018

-        Work for T.H.I.Group Vietnam(Work in Sale Dept) in role as Deputy Sales Manager Vietnam Branch/SalesManager of  Haiphong office.

-     Main job: HPH sales team has 11colleague (8 sales + 3 sales assistant). Our job, we receive year target fromHQ. Then saperate it to each sales. I try to guide them, give the instructionand help them to catch monthly, yearly target. We often hold monthly meeting toview any working detail of each sales/month. Any trouble, any problem or anyexperience will be discussed in this meeting.

-        We look for new customer anddevelop the market share in Vietnam(on basic) or all over the world.

-        We take care all of shipment (FCL, LCL, Air shpt, Trucking, Customs clearance) that haverelation with ourself(Manage booking, trucking, ETA, ETD, Customsclearance,... of Door to door, CY-Door, CY-CY, CFS-CFS service,...). I have good knowledge in Customs, Trucking also. Nothingwhich is can not do.

     I also have experience in making customs clearance . Using Vnacc/Vciss,Token-key,… submit customs sheet to customs and complete all docs (Canunderstand all the detail about Invoice, packing list, contract, CO,Import-export license- If any) for any import-export shpt (my cus are almosttrading company).

       The prize for the best sales in Vietnamfrom           T.H.I.Group in  2014         

    Outstandingmanager prize (The best manager) in Vietnam in 2015, 2016, 2017

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