Md. Towfiqul Islam
Assistant Sales Manager  | SUNDAT Crop Science Limited
Đồng Nai  | Việt Nam

Kết nối
Introduction Career Objective: 15 years experience in developing and executing Marketing and Sales strategies with the unique ability to understand the ongoing market scenario and customers trends using exceptional marketing communication skills, including strategic planning and leadership, capable of delivering quick solutions to the marketing challenges, extensive work with all sources of media channels and result oriented ability to achieve target within given time. Career Summary: • 8 years of Sales, Marketing, Branding, Promotion, Business Development, B2B, B2C and International Business Relationship. • 3 years of Customer Service, Credit Management, Customer Relationship Management. • 4 years of Distribution, Inventory Management, Supply Chain, Administration and people management.
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  Total Years Experience   15
  Highest Qualification   Thạc sỹ quản trị kinh doanh
  University/ Organization   Northern University
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Business Manager - Bangladesh tại Insecticide India Limited
Từ March 2016 - October 2016

Reporteddirectly to the Head, International Business regarding annual sales growth forachieves the required sales target.


Job Responsibility:

·        Souringnew customer in Bangladesh market, worked as the country representative of thecompany.

·        Organizing& follow up of registration of product in favor of Insecticides India Limited.

·        Submittingforecast report, Promoting Distributor business & monitor progress of localbusiness.

·        Managingall operations within Bangladesh. This involves taking responsibility forprofit, revenue, LC confirmation and targets & ensuring yearly financialtarget.

·        Developnew marketing strategies to capture market channels with new clients.

·        Developstrategies and business for the firm by building corporate relationship withcustomers and the industry/market leaders.

·        Expandedbusiness along with the respective market share for the company.

·        Playedkey role in company initiatives for developing company growth.


  • Ensured the pending deliver the goods an amounting of USD 54000 within 2 months.
  • Introduced 3 new clients & kept liaison with government to get registration of 9 products.
  • Established good working relationship with customers.
    • Introducing category wise promotional plan.

Assistant Sales Manager tại Sundat Crop Science Co., Limited
Từ December 2014 - July 2015

Reporteddirectly to the Deputy General Manager regarding annual sales growth, organizedand managed sales team to achieve the required sales target.


Job Responsibility:

  • Analyzed the market trend & developing business plan accordingly.
  • Analyzed competitive products in terms of reliability and features with market demand.
  • Established sales objectives by forecasting and developed annual sales quotas for regions and territories; projecting expected sales volume and profit for existing and new products.
  • Implemented national sales programs by developing field sales action plans.
  • Maintained sales volume, product mix, and selling price by keeping current with supply and demand, changing trends, economic indicators, and competitors.
  • Communicated with clients and merchants to improve and develop business relationships cordially, in addition to maintaining constant follow-up on their feedback.
  • Develop new strategy for new market for demand creates program, customer engagement and promotional design and generate sales.
  • Establishes and adjusts selling prices by monitoring costs, competition, and supply and demand.
  • Maintained national sales staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.
  • Trained new members of the sales force – Monitored the performance of different personnel associated with a project and compare it to the month’s objectives.


  • Increased top line from $200,000 to $550,000 in 8 months by leading 10 people’s team.
  • Improve the accuracy of budget forecasts and generate new budget format.
  • Nursing of 22 Nos of clients to ensure sustainable business growth & increased company sales by 2.5times by initiating new strategy & developing relationship.
  • Reduced delivery lead time from 10 days to 3 days & improved the follow up system.
  • Redesigned the supply chain network by doing distance & cost analysis.
  • Introduced company’s own transport system and reduce delivery cost.
  • Develop new strategy for Vietnam Tea Garden Market business and NGO’s who closely work with agriculture department as well as farmers for develop their crops.
  • Develop stockiest Database and SOP for Delivery of Goods, Customer Feedback form and report, New Customer Appointment, Order Documentation, Production system and Retailers meeting.
  • Guest faculty of a trainingseason regarding Company profile and products, Agriculture market in Vietnam,Job scope and International Agriculture practice  of Bac Lieu Collage, Bac Lieu, Vietnam. Totalnumber of participants 145 persons (100 students, 20 Teachers and 25 is Govt.officials.

Product Manager tại Valent Tech Limited
Từ November 2013 - November 2014

Reporteddirectly to the Managing Director regarding annual sales growth, organized andmanaged existing and new product, Sales promotion, Production, Inventory and fieldforce training to achieve the required sales target.


Job Responsibility:

  • Acted as a leader within the firm during the process of product planning and marketing – Played vital role in planning product strategy and road map according to market competition.
  • Prepared annual budget for total business and maintain the budgeted Gross Profit.
  • Monitored the sales against the target and devising appropriate strategies and plans to meet sales forecast of assigned product range.
  • Set Area wise and national sales target, formulating incentive for field force & ensured feed back
  • Researched, determined and recommended prices for new products based on goals, forecasting and product profitability – Presented marketing budgets that could guarantee success and prepared monthly revenue forecasts, keeping track of the output.
  • Developed leadership techniques to motivate and develop people, identifying training needs of associates and implementing training program to build up professionalism, skills and knowledge.
  • Prepared and presented product marketing documents – Key features, reasoning and product advantages, product mix with a view to maximize top line and bottom line.



  • Developed Product manual book, Credit proposal book and customers’ incentive program.
  • Develop packing material design and material.
  • Developed and implemented client service program which expanded small-to-medium client.
  • Improve support service level.
  • Image result for ACI Formulations Limited, BangladeshSuccessfully launched 6 new products and 15 Campaign program. 

Product Executive to Assistant Product Manager tại ACI Formulations Limited
Từ April 2009 - October 2013

Reporteddirectly to the Business Director regarding annual sales growth, organized andmanaged existing & new product, promotion, Production, Inventory and fieldforce training to achieve the required sales target.


Job Responsibility:

·        Preparedannual sales budget for business unit with profit & loss statement.

·        Assistedin managing the entire product cycles from beginning to end.

·     Supportedproduct development by researching current and future demands for said product.

·      Involvedin QA process and ensured product safety for customers in order to avoidnegative feedback – Conducted quality checks on products prior to their releasefor sale.

·      Communicatedwith operators regarding production process, packaging and total output.

·        Initiatedseveral product campaigns to ensure maximum sales.

·  Formulateddifferent strategies to cope up the market scenario to get competitiveadvantages

·  Designedeffective sales program quarterly adopting the changed market condition.

·     Conductedextensive research to ensure customers receive items as advertised.

·    Co-ordinatedthe development works on new products / line extension with other department.

·   Developedpricing strategies based on company objectives, competition & customersatisfaction.

  • Co-ordination with the cross functional department regarding RM, PM, ROFO etc


  • Increase top line from BDT 220 mio to 430 mio of 2 different portfolio by leading a team of 3 people.
  • Successfully organized refreshment tour for dealers and retailers for Darjeeling with 350 people, cox’s bazar tour with 500 people and Saint Martin tour with 150 people.
  • Develop and Introduce season wise Marketing Plan for individual products, field force training and Crop & Pest wise customer training.
  • Successfully launched 8 new Brands and 30 campaigns program.

Customer Service Officer tại ACI Limited
Từ Jan 2006 - April 2009

Reporteddirectly to the Executive Director regarding develop customer relationship,Credit report, Customer Refreshment program, Credit recovery, Legal action andengage new customers.


Job Responsibility:

·    Proper checking of the credit customers’ application& make proposal as per company policy.

·    Maintained proper formalities of selection new customeras per company credit policy.

·   Handled defaulter customer and monitoring creditrecovery through legal action.

·        Withdrawal of case after receiving the payment fromoverdue customer.

·        Distributed all product bonus, incentive, seasonalbonus, promotional gift & other gift items

·        Generated the report of overdue customer creditstatus to the business head.

  • Build relationship with distribution, sales and marketing team


  • Exceed targeted results in customer retention, client expectations, sales and support service as well as other customer service goals.
  • Documents prepared and controlled approx. 500Nos of new clients for the company.
  • Reduce Tk. 10 lac per year from customer engagement proposal.
  • Successfully Organized stockiest/retailer motivational program,  10 times Cox’s Bazar tour with 250 persons/trip, Saint Martin tour 2 times with 150 persons/trip, Nepal tour 3 times with 50 persons/trip, Darjeling tour 2 times with 350 persons/trip times local and abroad tour for customer.
  • Develop system for timely Customer Bonus, Incentives and closely monitor Legal Action with Advocate.
  • Recovered Approx. BDT 69 lac from insuranceclaim, 90 lac after case filing & another BDT 15 crore (Approx.) by givinglegal notice.

Distribution Officer tại ACI Limited
Từ Feb 2002 - Jan 2006

Reporteddirectly to the Distribution Manager regarding all depot related issues.


Job Responsibility:

·        Working with handling the Depot operational problemsof 19 Depots around the country.

·        Departmental & Depots preparation about ISO9001:2000 Internal & External Audit as well as maintaining the ISOprocedures, Checking the implementation and modification at Depot level.

·        Preparing proposals forpurchase/disposal/replacement of distribution vehicles or for establishment ofDepots in new location/analysis of reduction feasibility proposal of existingDepots of the country as and when required by the company.

  • Visiting Different Depots in various location of the country for solving any emergency problem/investigation/learn about the activity and provided rectification if required


·        Worked on & prepared ‘Standard Route Cost’ for allDepots in order to minimize the product distribution cost.

·        Successfully handle all depot ISO procedure and faced 25internal and external audits.

Image result for Northern UniversityKeeping inventory &maintaining stock, petty cash & depot cash & administration work.

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